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Episode #43 (Air Date 6-06-17) Memorial Day, Fathers Day, Giant Bunnies and Hangover Cures!

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In this episode recorded over Memorial Day Weekend, hosts Brad Fanshaw and Dave Marek welcome Co-Host and resident Mixologist Heather Storm back to the studio! The show starts off with GIANT BUNNY talk! Then they discuss Brads brutal hangover and some great cures! Heather gives everyone some quick bar recommendations for your next trip to Chicago. With Father's Day approaching the crew all chimes in with memories of their Dads and everyone pitches in with some Father's Day Gift Ideas. Finally we wrap up with our Drink of the Day - The Mezcal Mule Cocktail.

Episode #42 (Air Date 5-23-17) BONUS SHORT Backstage with Comedian Yousef Abu-Taleb

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Brad Fanshaw and Dave Marek went to the club Dirty Laundry in Hollywood, California to speak with Yousef Abu-Taleb before filming his comedy special, "Washed Up You Tube Star". This bartender/comedian takes a self-deprecating look at searching for stardom, being an American with Middle Eastern name(s) and a washed up You Tube celebrity. Listen to the Bonus Short live before the show begins.

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Episode #41 (Air Date 5-12-17) Travels, TV, Chicago, Shanghai, and Mom!

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On episode 41 Brad Fanshaw and Dave Marek are in studio, but Heather is in Chicago filming her TV Show, Garage Squad. Heather calls in and talks about Chicago, Dave discusses his travels to China and all of them talk about Mom just in time for Mothers Day. Learn about the special Drink of the Day named the "Berry Momhito".

Head on over to THE LIST to see Dave mixing up our newest Drink of the Day - The Momhito.

 Man Seeks Adventure - Desired Drives!


Recently we were handed the key fob to the Range Rover Supercharged Sport SVR, an SUV that hangs the SVR badge subtly on the fenders and grill. The SVR or Special Vehicle Operations division creates special vehicles models that offer premium interior features, performance and handling upgrades. The Range Rover Sport SVR is a great deal more than just a badge, as we found driving it for a week.

Brad Fanshaw from Man Seeks Adventure was the lucky bastard of the group who had possession of this high-performance super SUV. 

Being a high-performance car enthusiast the bar was set high. The first item of note was the subtle design that did not offend with too many scoops or ducts, it just appeared necessary. The interior showed just how a manufacturer can make a sport infused SUV look and feel with the use of leather, color contrast, quality carbon fiber and well appointed and placed accessories. This is all just an accent to the incredible torque laden performance and ear tingling exhaust note. The Range Rover Sport SVR is pleasant on the open road and a surface grabbing vehicle that puts you back in the seat when on the curves or in a straight line. It could be referred to as the ideal SUV for freeway on-ramp romps that leave a smile.

The Range Rover Sport SVR was worthy of being parked alongside legendary American muscle cars in my shop. This SUV was not just a pleasure to drive, but fun to put through the paces of performance. It looks good, no matter where you show up and can impress even your most skeptical friends. 

Head over to "The List" to see the rest of our review and the tech specs!

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