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Episode #40 (Air Date 2-24-17) Eating & Drinking at BacariGDL With Man Seeks Adventure

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On this episode of the Man Seeks Adventure podcast we take a trip to the Americana in Glendale, California where a new restaurant has opened. BacariGDL, owned by Robert Kronfli is a blend of comfortable setting, incredible tastes and wonderful drinks. Chef Lior Hillel prepared a large selection of tasting plates for Brad, Dave and Heather to sample and Mixologist David Williams created the tasty cocktails.

Visit the location with us and indulge as each of the dishes is described by the Chef and we hear tales of underground restaurants at USC and getting a start in the rough and tumble restaurant business.

Head over to "The List" to see the Drink of the Day recipe and to images of all the amazing dishes we tasted!

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Episode #39 (Air Date 2-20-17) MTV's "Stranded With A Million Dollars" TV Show Producer John Davis

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On episode 39 of Man Seeks Adventure Brad Fanshaw, Dave Marek and Heather Storm talk to John Davis the Executive In Charge of Production for the new MTV show, Stranded With A Million Dollars. The show debuts on February 21, 2017 at 10p.m. E/PT and is an exciting adventure in human nature. Man Seeks Adventure gets the behind the scenes tales about filming in Fiji, the way it works and what it took to pull it off. Join us for a new podcast and a new cocktail "Drink of the Day", the Fijian Sunrise mixed by our own Heather Storm.

Head on over to the list to see Heather mixing up our newest Drink of the Day - The Fijian Sunrise and to check out Daves "This or That". The List

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Episode #38 (Air Date 2-10-17) Billy F. Gibbons the ZZ Top Frontman Talks Cars, Bars, Eats & Adventures

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On episode 38 of Man Seeks Adventure we are joined by rock n roll legend Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top. This conversation with the rock and roller reveals his love of cars, design, food and adventures. We get Billy to open up for a frank conversation and we sneak in a round of Dave's Top 5 game - "This or That". Join Brad Fanshaw, Heather Storm and Dave Marek for this special podcast episode.

Our "Drink of the Day" this week is in honor of our special guest and its called the "Whisky Runner". Head on over to The List now and get the recipe as well as a special How To Video on the making of the drink featuring Billy F. Gibbons.

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Episode #37 (Air Date 2-03-17) Comedy Central's Goddamn Band "ElEmEnOpy"

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This week Brad Fanshaw, Dave Marek and Heather Strom invite Nick and Joel from the L.A. band ElEmEnOpy. This high energy duo, rock the local scene and the Comedy Central GodDamn Comedy Jam. Bringing famous comedians on stage is just part of the stage act. Sit back, laugh and enjoy a new take on music.

Our "Drink of the Day" this week is a new spin on the Sunday brunch classic - the Mimosa. Head on over to The List now and get the recipe as well as links to learn all about our guests this week and where to find them performing!

 Man Seeks Adventure - Desired Drives!


Recently we were handed the key fob to the Range Rover Supercharged Sport SVR, an SUV that hangs the SVR badge subtly on the fenders and grill. The SVR or Special Vehicle Operations division creates special vehicles models that offer premium interior features, performance and handling upgrades. The Range Rover Sport SVR is a great deal more than just a badge, as we found driving it for a week.

Brad Fanshaw from Man Seeks Adventure was the lucky bastard of the group who had possession of this high-performance super SUV. 

Being a high-performance car enthusiast the bar was set high. The first item of note was the subtle design that did not offend with too many scoops or ducts, it just appeared necessary. The interior showed just how a manufacturer can make a sport infused SUV look and feel with the use of leather, color contrast, quality carbon fiber and well appointed and placed accessories. This is all just an accent to the incredible torque laden performance and ear tingling exhaust note. The Range Rover Sport SVR is pleasant on the open road and a surface grabbing vehicle that puts you back in the seat when on the curves or in a straight line. It could be referred to as the ideal SUV for freeway on-ramp romps that leave a smile.

The Range Rover Sport SVR was worthy of being parked alongside legendary American muscle cars in my shop. This SUV was not just a pleasure to drive, but fun to put through the paces of performance. It looks good, no matter where you show up and can impress even your most skeptical friends. 

Head over to "The List" to see the rest of our review and the tech specs!

Visit out "Gallery" to see all our pics of the experience!

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