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Brad Fanshaw from Man Seeks Adventure drives the ACURA RDX to Las Vegas and makes a stop at Alien Beef Jerky. Jump in and ride along.. Click here now to watch the VIDEO.

New Photo Gallery!

IPace Gallery Link.jpg

New Gallery of the Jaguar IPace SUV. Click here to see the Photo Gallery.

MSA McLaren 720s Gallery Link.jpg

Brad Fanshaw recently spent a week test driving the spectacular McLaren 720s! Click here to see the Photo Gallery.

 Newest Episode!

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Episode #80 (Air Date 8/29/19) Gourmet Chili Dogs, Austin & McLaren 720s

Episode Link:

Brad and Heather are recording live from TOAST a great eatery in Newport Beach/Costa Mesa, CA on a sunny summer Sunday. Between bites of the Elvis Short Stack, drinks and Avocado Toast the two tell about Hollywood, Supercars and Austin, Texas.

Heather provides a view into her trip to Austin with recommended eating and drinking establishments, then Brad tells about his hours behind the wheel of a $400,000+ McLaren 720S supercar. Finally, both give us the low down about APL in Hollywood where chili dogs are on the menu and they are created an prepared by a french trained chef. If you are up for more, go with us to the Frolic Room for cocktails.

To see all of the amazing photos of Brad’s time behind the wheel of the McLaren 720S, CLICK HERE

MSA Episode 79.jpg

Episode #79 (Air Date 8/06/19) Mexico Travel, Drive Jaguar iPace, Racing Legends

Episode Link:

On episode 79 Brad, Heather and Dave are live at the Lions Drag Racing Museum with guests Don Prudhomme, Roland Leong and the owner of the museum.

Heather tells of travels to Mexico, Brad drove the all electric Jaguar iPace and Dave gives you eating and beer suggestions for San Diego.

MSA Episode 78.jpg

Episode #78 (Air Date 7/19/19) We visit “7 Grand” in DTLA for a Whiskey Tasting

Episode Link:

In this episode we go to DTLA with Brad and Heather for a Whiskey tasting hosted by Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey. They interview the authors of the book "Barley to Blarney" and get great stories. Also in this show are Heather’s travels to Costa Rica and Brad’s desert road trip in the new Honda Accord 2.0 Touring.

MSA Episode 77.jpg

Episode #77 (Air Date 4-30-19) Part 2 of Episode 76

Episode Link:

This is the second half of our big return and on this episode Dave and Brad will provide some Spring destination ideas. Also, Brad recently drove the Cadillac XT5 Platinum AWD SUV. Get his impressions and see the gallery HERE

MSA Episode 76.jpg

Episode #76 (Air Date 4-18-19) Heather was Abducted, Ego APP & Peanut Butter Whisky

Episode Link:

It is episode 76 and we come back strong with two giant episodes. The first we talk about Heather Storm's abduction in Cost Rica, or so Brad thought. An APP to rate your looks and our Drink of the Day made from Peanut Butter Infused Whiskey.

MSA Episode 75 part 2.jpg

Episode #75 (Air Date 2-15-19) 2018 Is In the Books! Part 2 … New Years Traditions

Episode Link:

This is a short 20 minute resolution to our two part podcast that ends 2018. Posted late, because we thought it had been lost to a bad recording card. Now that it has been found we must live up to the resolutions.

MSA Episode 75 part1.jpg

Episode #75 (Air Date 2-8-19) 2018 Is In the Books! Part 1 … The Holiday’s Live Again

Episode Link:

This is our BIG 75th episode, the show we thought had been lost due to a glitch. After some effort we have been able to get it back from the electronic never land. Now we can wrap up 2018 and the holidays live on. Enjoy our stories and our drink of the day. This is part 1 of 2.

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